Blood Spatter Analysts: "Remember the Monsters" (Week Twelve- FINAL EPISODE!)

Well, here we are— It's all over but the shouting. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Zarnyx for creating a place where we could discuss Dexter, for asking me to help out, and eventually letting me carry it to the end. It isn't something I ever expected I would do, and I had a great time. Thanks to everyone… »9/23/13 5:00pm9/23/13 5:00pm

Blood Spatter Analysts: "Monkey in a Box" (Week Eleven)

Welcome to the penultimate Blood Spatter Analysts! After all these years, and all the bodies, Dexter is on the verge of making his exit, but will it be triumphant or tragic? Some combination of both? A complete disaster?! Let's find out! »9/16/13 3:40pm9/16/13 3:40pm

Blood Spatter Analysts: "Goodbye, Miami" (Week Ten)

Two very long weeks have passed since Blood Spatter Analysts: "Make Your Own Kind of Music" (Week Nine). All things considered, Dexter and company were in relatively good shape (except for Zach, obviously), but with so little time remaining, hell was sure to break loose soon. Here comes the beginning of the end. »9/10/13 7:29pm9/10/13 7:29pm

Blood Spatter Analysts: "Make Your Own Kind of Music" (Week Nine)

Welcome Back Dexter Followers! I will blame the late discussion on the fact that I am still reeling from the loss of a certain character. After you're done reading the brilliant recap and discussion from last week, come back here and let's talk Week Nine. With that out of the way... »8/30/13 2:39pm8/30/13 2:39pm

Blood Spatter Analysts: “Dress Code" (Week Seven)

Last week, in Blood Spatter Analysts: "A Little Reflection" (Week Six), a bunch of stupid things happened, then HANNAH CAME BACK, which was all I wanted or care about. The episode closes with Debra and Dexter mysteriously passing out, with the deadly Hannah walking in. »8/13/13 12:30am8/13/13 12:30am