Blood Spatter Analysts: “Dress Code" (Week Seven)

Last week, in Blood Spatter Analysts: "A Little Reflection" (Week Six), a bunch of stupid things happened, then HANNAH CAME BACK, which was all I wanted or care about. The episode closes with Debra and Dexter mysteriously passing out, with the deadly Hannah walking in.


Dexter wakes up on some water-side patch of dirt in an industrial area of town, none the worse for wear. He calls Debra to find she is also okay, and to ask for a ride. Debra realizes Hannah is behind their episode, and Dexter promises to take care of the matter. He goes home and shaves, cutting himself in the neck like he does every day.


As Dexter begins his hunt for Hannah, Zach Hamilton, the teenage killer that Dexter has decided to mentor shows up, ready to learn and eager to kill. Dexter tells him he is busy with his day job, and that Zach needs one, too. Zach, of course, thinks he has money and therefore doesn't need a job, but Dexter tells him "You're a weird guy who lives with his mom, you might as well hang up a sign."

Debra is checking records and making calls to see if any law enforcement agencies have seen Hannah, when Young Indiana Jones comes in, a little flirty and looking over her shoulder. She snaps at him because she doesn't want him to see Hannah on her computer, and he tells her off and calls her an ungrateful bitch, assuring that she will eventually date him.


Dexter finds Hannah, and follows her to an exclusive club he can't bluff his way into, so he calls Zach to get him in using his father's membership. He confronts Hannah when her new husband walks away, and she greets him coldly. Dexter asks why she drugged him, and she refuses to answer, and her husband returns from his call to snark and scowl at Dexter, letting him know that he is aware of Hannah's past and that Dexter was her boyfriend until he betrayed her. Dexter had tasked Zach with texting him if the husband were to return, but he ignored the warning, admitting to Zach that he had made the mistake. After Hannah and her husband leave, Dexter goes home and once again forces Zach to wait, not fully appreciating the difference between Zach and his young self. He tells Vogel he was 10 when Harry told him what he was and didn't kill until 19. Vogel points out that Zach didn't have someone like Harry and has already killed, so may not have the control Dexter assumes he does. She tells him when he declined to kill Zach, he became responsible for the teenager's education and his actions.


Hannah's new husband stalks Dexter at a gas station and tells him he'd rather see Hannah go to jail than lose her for any reason. This disturbs Dexter and forces him to think of Hannah's safety, while Harry appears to remind him he is supposed to be trying to discern if Hannah is a threat to them, not if she is in danger. He says he is doing both. Dexter arranges to meet Hannah again at her old nursery, and Hannah explains her situation. She married this insanely rich man because she needed a new life and cover because Dexter ruined her life, to which he replies "I did." Unfortunately, he has become overly possessive and threatening. She finally lets slip that she wanted Dexter to make her husband disappear, but changed her mind when she realized she loved Dexter and couldn't bring herself to manipulate him.

Debra meets with Vogel to discuss the Hannah situation. Debra is afraid for her life, and wishes she could just call the Marshal service and be done with Hannah forever, but this time there is no guarantee she won't turn on Dexter. Vogel tells her to be very careful and think about all the consequences of any action she may take. Debra returns to her boss' office with her tail between her legs and asks to borrow a tracker, which she puts on Dexter's car, where she runs into Dexter's neighbor Cassie, and tells her she's probably better off not pining for Dex and just sticking with Oliver, the guy who clearly likes her. This won't really matter. Zach has come looking for Dexter and is incessantly slamming the knocker on his door until it gets Cassie's attention. When she asks him if he wants to leave a message for Dexter, Zach storms off, angry at Dexter for not being there for him.


Dexter is attacked by three thugs in suits, and puts up a decent fight, but quickly succumbs to a relatively minor beating. He realizes that if Hannah's husband will do this to him just for a brief meeting, that Hannah is in actual danger. He races to their yacht, where the husband has become psychotically possessive, telling Hannah he owns her, and she'll never need to leave the boat again. She begs him not to harm Dexter, saying there is no need as she has no interest in him, but this infuriates the man, who forces himself on her. Dexter rushed to the boat after his encounter with the goon squad, and sneaks aboard to find Hannah kneeling over her husband's dead body and a bloody spike of some kind in her hand (ice pick?). She is shaken, and a tear runs down her cheek. Dexter asks is she if okay, to which she makes a point of saying she is, but doesn't enjoy this like Dexter does, and he instructs her to change her bloody clothes and gather the materials he needs to clean the room and dispose of the body without drawing attention.

Dexter goes out alone on his boat and dumps the body in his usual fashion, and returns to the marina with Hannah onboard, which was an interesting trick. She asks him if he regrets not following through with killing her when she was on his table, and he says he doesn't. He asks her if she regrets not killing him, and she says she was never going to, while failing to address whether or not she meant to kill Debra. In the middle of this conversation, Dexter gets a call to a murder scene, at his own home- he asks Hannah not to leave town until they can speak again, and she agrees. As he leaves, we see Debra in the parking lot, having followed Dexter using the tracking device she planted earlier, and firing daggers from her eyes in Hannah's general direction.


Dexter arrives to find Cassie, bludgeoned to death on the floor of her apartment, resembling Zach's method of killing the housekeeper.

The B Team:

Jamie tells Quinn she wants to move out of Angel's place and suggests that she might look for a place big enough for her and Quinn. He is just as enthusiastic about this as you might expect, just barely managing not to run away at the mention of cohabitation with his girlfriend. When Zach strolls into the police station and gets his lawyer and Matthews to force Quinn to drop his surveillance, Angel has no choice but to agree with them. When he tells Quinn he'd have his back on any other case but this one, Quinn storms out and announces he's moving in with Jamie.


Masuka and his daughter, Nikki, make up over their argument last week, after she refused the money he offered her after researching her financial situation. She asks if he'd like to go out to dinner after her shift at the sports bar where she is working to make money to pay her debts, but he instead decides to surprise her at work, which turns out to be a topless sports bar. Masuka is a little flustered- he is no stranger to adult entertainment, but this is the first time he has had to think of boobs as "daughter boobs." He gets a little protective, but he's okay, and later asks Dexter if he thinks they could use some help in the lab, then goes to Angel and tell him Dexter thinks they need a part time employee, citing the fact that he and Dex are overworked and have been under budget for the past 3 quarters, or some time frame.

Angel agrees, and Masuka goes back to the breastaurant, and texts Nikki to meet him outside, where he offers her the job. She considers it, but tells him she makes more money as a topless waitress. Masuka is disappointed and says he thought she wanted a job that didn't involve dancing on a pole, to which she replies "I'm not going to become a stripper, dad!"



  • ...and now I am certain Nikki is playing Masuka. She declines his money, sets him up to find her in a place he wouldn't want his daughter working, then plays at not wanting the job at the station, but says she'll think about it. I think this was a long con to gain access. At the party last week she said her debts were about to be taken care of, but it seems like she owes more than waiting tables will cover. Maybe someone wants her to destroy evidence or something.
  • Maybe they are just setting up Masuka to be the guy who gets a happy ending in the wake of Dexter's complete destruction, or maybe they are bringing her into the lab because soon Masuka will be the only one there. I also recently started thinking Masuka may actually be a serial killer. It's getting late, my mind is wandering.
  • I'm disappointed Cassie was just fodder for Zach's rage. I liked it better when I suspected her of being part of the Brain Surgeon's plan. It's funny how much fun paranoia can be, isn't it?

Hannah loves Dexter, and Dexter loves Hannah, and Harrison loves Hannah, which just makes him even cuter. I love Debra so much, but her hate for Hannah is problematic. In the beginning of the episode, after waking up from Hannah's drugs, she is afraid, but also knows that it was her obsession with Hannah that began her downturn towards becoming a killer herself. She wants Hannah out of her life, which is reasonable, but will she lose herself over it again?

  • I'm still hoping Dexter will kill Zach(which is most certainly going to happen now) and gives Zach's photos of the murdered housekeeper to Quinn, redeeming him and making it look like Zach is fleeing from the law.
  • Strangely, even though this episode had more Hannah, it wasn't as easy as my recap of episode 5.
  • No further mention of the Brain Surgeon, other than Vogel briefly mentioning that she no longer has to look over her shoulder now that he's been taken care of. I still think she is the Brain Surgeon, which is why she's so certain she has nothing to fear.
  • Unlike last week, I was able to resist watching the scenes for the next episode. They just make me crazy.

So, this leaves us with five more episodes to go, and Dexter has to manage Zach's murder of Cassie, Debra's desire to murder Hannah, Hannah's wanted status and whatever repercussions her husband's disappearance may bring, and the possibility that the brain Surgeon could resurface. How can he handle all of this in 5 short episodes? Who can he trust? What did the blood tell you?

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